Canada rebate scam calls

Canada is offering a $5000 rebate for energy upgrades. To get the rebate you have to apply online, then an auditor will come to your home, inspect it, and give you a list of upgrades you can do to qualify for the rebate. It’s legit.

What isn’t legit is the phone calls I’ve been receiving. At least half a dozen over the past month all using the exact same script.

“Canada is now offering a $5000 energy rebate, our inspectors will be in your area tomorrow do you still live at [my real address]?”

With one of the calls I had the time to ask questions. First I asked who was calling, the response was to repeat the opening line of the script about the rebate and again ask if I was living at my address.

Next question was why they would need to enter the home. The answer was to repeat that the government was offering a $5000 energy rebate and that the inspector would be able to answer my questions… did I still live at my address and could they schedule an appointment?

I then asked why they would think I would want anyone in my house during a pandemic. Their response was it was okay because they’re tested weekly and wear a mask. Do I still live at my address and can they schedule an appointment?

I asked a few more stupid questions before ending the call.

My google skills didn’t bring up any mention of this scam. I have reported it to the RCMP fraud centre but wanted to get the word out publicly in case anyone else is getting these calls.

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