Can’t help but think a mystery credit to my bank account is somehow a scam…

The other day I was checking my balance, and saw a credit to my account for just over $100 from “Andcoapparel Andc Mn Uquvzism.” I have no idea what this is, we’ve ordered only from Amazon over the past several months, and the amount doesn’t match any purchase that I have a record of. I’m not terribly upset about the extra funds in my account, but it just doesn’t seem right. Andco Apparel seems to be an online clothing store, with some dubious scams attached to it, but I’ve never ordered from them. Any thoughts? Is it worth calling the bank to reject the deposit? Thanks in advance.

The content was posted by TheBlindDog17 on 2021-03-14 10:33:08 via reddit

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  1. Seconding the “Call your bank ASAP” on this one. Not sure what they think they’re up to, but it can’t hurt to call your bank and let them know that that transaction is sketchy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the “Opps I sent the money to the wrong person” scam tried just on a direct bank account before, but it can’t hurt to flag it as suspicious from your end.

  2. i would definitely call your bank, the company is probably just trying to pull one over on you. my presumption is people go “ooo free money!!”; they do a chargeback; and then you become $100 indebted to them

  3. We’ve had the same refund, but it matches a company we spent money with in September (not marketed as andcoapparel, but the transaction shows this.

    In September, we fell for one of the Lego scams on Facebook thanks to an overexcited colleague (many of us fell for it) and the most convincing website we’d ever seen.

    We soon figured it was dodgy and went through the bank for refunds but it was becoming really hard to get the money back. A combo of the address not being legit so we couldn’t send the item back, and them stating that they had indeed fulfilled the order because they’d sent something… Being honest, we just gave up.

    Just checked my accounts now and seen that a refund from ‘andcoapparel’ has appeared in our account for the same amount of USD as we spent in September (we’re UK based so the exchange rate has robbed us of £6!).

    I think this company has been caught or something like. Weird if you haven’t spent anything with them though…..


    TL;DR: Received money from Andcoapparel as refund after being scammed in Sept 2020 on a dodgy yet convincing Lego website.

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