Can’t tell if potential job opportunity is a Scam

I received a job offer for a “Quality Controller” position I applied to on Indeed and I cannot tell if this company or job is legit or not.

Basically, I first received an email from a recruiter. She asked if I was still interested and if so, to provide my contact info-name, address, phone number.

A day later, I received an email from the HR department saying they wanted to schedule a phone interview. The email contained an introductory video that gave more information on what all the job entails and salary information. Just saying, the video was a cartoon. The next day, I spoke with the HR person on the phone, and it wasn’t really an interview. I pretty much already had the job, they just wanted to talk to me. Now, I need to sign an employee agreement and then I can begin the job.

The job is basically inspecting products shipped from various US online stores that are ordered by customers in Europe/Asia. The packages will be delivered to my house or to a nearby pickup location like UPS. I’ll then inspect the products inside and report any problems. If there aren’t any issues, I then will re-package the products and send them out. The company will send me all the necessary supplies to repackage products. The only thing I’ll have to do is print the shipping labels out from my printer. This is a part time work-from-home job, and they said I’d get between 10-15 packages a week.

So, here are some reasons why I think this may be a scam. The first is the pay. Basically, I’d get a salary of $1500/month, but the average pay is like $3800/month due to getting bonuses for each successful shipment. So, this just seems like a lot of money for not really doing much work. Also, I can’t really find a lot of information on the company itself. Their website doesn’t really provide a whole lot of information. When you google the company, nothing really comes up, not even their website. I only figured out the website because the introductory video listed the website url. Further, because I basically got the job without much of an interview, the whole thing just seems kind of sketch.

So, I can’t tell if this is a real job, cause it almost seems too good to be true.

Any advice on how to figure out if this is truly a scam?

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  1. You would be a “shipping mule” receiving packages that were purchased with stolen credit card numbers. You then use your own money to ship them to scammers (you will never be paid) and when the police come knocking on the door, they will be looking for you as the “shipper” in a fraudulent scam.

  2. Waw, I’m reading this here for the second time in a short while. Mulers are really desperate. It’s funny how they called the position ‘quality controller’.

  3. Awesome! Can’t believe I didn’t even think of them being mulers. Guess the amount of money made me lose my intuition lol. But thanks!!

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