online store is taking money from people all over the globe. They’re show up at the top of google search, website is very thorough and convincing, but after you make a purchase they disappear. How can they be stopped?

Maybe I’m the fool, but this online store advertises hand sanitizer for sale and is a top Google search result. It’s a very professional looking website, available in various different languages, very thorough. The website cites a 2-3 week wait for product, I didn’t find it inconceivable that merchants could restock depending on their supply, didn’t strike me as “too good to be true,” so I placed an order. They charged me 2 extra euros for something called a “Yoga Guarantee.” When I searched to find out what that was, I found the reviews that they’re a giant scam and accept money but never send either product or refund. I immediately sent a cancellation and refund request, have received no reply despite a second request. Now I see from online reviews that they NEVER refund money. They just disappear.

I expect that they’re doing HUGE business with the sanitizer thing, all over the world. How can something like this be stopped?

The content was posted by Wine_at_noon on 2020-03-12 00:29:55 via reddit

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  1. EugeneBYMCMB says:

    How did you pay?

    > How can something like this be stopped?

    File abuse reports with their domain registrar and hosting provider.

  2. I’m a little late, but please go to the police and report them. I placed an order last month, and after not receiving anything and sending multiple emails, I thought that the best way to go is to just report them. A few days later or a week I got my money back. The reason why you don’t get your products is because they are out of stock and still don’t change the name to “Sold Out”. They don’t care about customers and all their 5 star reviews are fake.

  3. Dying_Daylight says:

    It seems like a lot of people are getting scammed during the current COVID-19 pandemic. I purchased a tube of shaving cream from them 2 months before the pandemic in late January. The product arrived, but it was in poor condition, all scrunched up. They are known for not taking care of goods during delivery. As a result, I vowed to never order from them again. On the 1st of April, they took £9.50 from my account for no reason. The only purchase I ever made from them was back in late January. These fraudulent bastards saved my credit card info so they could take more of my money in the future without my knowledge. I contacted my bank, but they said to contact them first and see if they would offer a refund.

    Trying to resolve an issue with a fraudulent company isn’t a smart thing to do. Apparently, their customer service is horrendous, and most of the time, they never respond. Contacting them is a task within itself. I should have looked at reviews before I decided to go ahead and make a purchase from them. Do not buy from this company. Avoid them like the coronavirus.

  4. Candid_Big says:

    Carethy online, you are very big scammer, you better refund my money or else I will report you to the police.

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