Chadwick’s of Boston VIP Club scam

When you check out from Chadwick’s of Boston online clothing store, a dialogue box pops up and offers a 10 percent discount and free shipping when you sign up for their VIP club. There is no mention of a charge and no email or other indication but they charged my credit card monthly.

At first I thought it was return shipping on my order which I had returned until I noticed the charge for $14.95 was recurring. I called to complain and they knew exactly what I was complaining about and transferred me to their VIP club department. They said they are cancelling my membership and refunding my money.

I went online to trust pilot and saw others complaining of the same thing. It’s too bad because the sweatshirt I ordered was beautiful just the wrong size. Shameless trickery.

The content was posted by lucid2night on 2021-05-09 09:59:48 via reddit

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