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  1. iolacalls says:

    Is this just four filters with a fan on top?

  2. get_it_together1 says:

    Why would you do this instead of placing a single air filter behind the fan? That worked just fine for us, you don’t even have to use duct tape because the air flow holds the filter in place while it’s running and then you can more easily store it when not in use.

  3. idonteatstaples says:

    Does the fan point in or out of the box? My aunt tried to explain this to me when we were on the phone and I could not understand lol

  4. Thornescape says:

    I worked on a residential job site that made something similar to this, but on a little bit larger scale. It just had one filter, and the fan pushed the air through it to grab dust. It did a great job of reducing the amount of dust flying around during construction.

  5. It’s a DIY air purifier made with furnace filter and a 20 inch fan.

    The base is a cutout of the fan box.

    Duct tape everything together to seal the filter and the fan.

    4 x Merv 13 filter
    1x 20inch fan
    1x duct tape roll
    1x fan box.

    If I like the setup I may build a wooden frame for a more elegant setup.

    How it works:

    The filter are point In so that the air of the room is pull inward and then out from the top.

    On the CADR it’s comparable to 400 to 1000$ air purifier machine.

    About 400 to 600 CADR.

  6. ichuck1984 says:

    Neat project. I’ve built one myself with a single filter taped to the box fan. I’m not convinced of the filtering power. I think the air just gets sucked around the fins of the fan as opposed to being pulled through the filter. I think there’s too much space at the corners. I taped my corners so that the fins never had a gap at the ends but I still didn’t have much airflow.

  7. Enough-Equivalent968 says:

    Domestic free standing air ‘purifiers’ are arguably just an expensive placebo burning electricity… so not particularly frugal

  8. happiness-happening says:

    This is diwhy territory… For it to truly work as intended, you’d ideally have intake fans as well because negative pressure will only “purify” a very small section of any given space

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