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Got recently involved with a check scam that had a very elaborate cover as someone moving to the area who was going to be a new professor at the school I attend. She was looking for anyone to pet sit and would send the first week’s pay in advance and then wanted me to pass on the additional money to someone else (which was the fishy part). Needless to say after all of that I deposited the check, but contacted my bank after and told them about it which they said is most likely a scam. I haven’t touched the money or sent anything to the person. Should I be okay? Just depositing a fraudulent check won’t do any harm right? It’s when I give the additional “money” to them? Thanks!

The content was posted by Money-Career7761 on 2021-11-08 21:58:27 via reddit

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  1. thisismyusername51 says:

    If your bank thinks you’re involved with the scam, they may close your account but you say you called so probably not. Does your bank charge you for bounced checks? It will not clear.

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