Chinese Whatapp Scam

The site is Beautiful photo of a Chinese woman who contacted me on Whatapp. After text went straight to work on cryptocurrency. Sent me this address and how to download to phone. Back in September I had one I talked for 2 month talk me into her scam with I lost big time and made a dual messager with fake name and photo. She came back yesterday with the scam but different site. I bated her then exposed myself to her. She immediately deleted both google voice numbers. Also 2 Whatapp accounts an her Telegram account. Even though I will not see my money again felt great to see her fear because she fail for my iplodger. I had her ip address and it was two. One in Thailand and the other in Virginia. She was using a redirect. Now I wait for them to contact me so I can post their operations and photos on the internet

The content was posted by Historical_Rip6563 on 2021-11-19 20:00:25 via reddit

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  1. Pig butchering scam, massively common now. I really loathe this scam.

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