Complaint and refund scam email (the bad font made me laugh)

Complaint and refund scam email (the bad font made me laugh)

The content was posted by thraem0 on 2021-11-19 17:08:33 via reddit

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  1. ujjwal0001 says:

    Thanks, I got this same email today and going to ignore it.

  2. UseTheStairs says:

    So you do really reply the email?

  3. This is a super old and already spammed email, I intend to delete it as its virtually useless now, I just keep forgetting. Me replying isn’t gonna change much as it gets so much spam anyway.

  4. UseTheStairs says:

    I feel like the people(not necessarily op) who scammed on such kind of things are deserved to be scammed.

    The reason is: scam is telling them that they will be compensated for an item or purchase or whatever. In reality the victim didn’t even bought that item. Didn’t pay anything. But he is going through the process to get a compensation on something that he didn’t even pay for. He/she want to scam the shop/firm. Instead they get scammed. Maybe deserved may be the wrong term to use but the victims are definetly not better than the scammer

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