Contiguos – Job Scam in USA

Beware if you find this company, Contiguos, on LinkedIn and any job posts they have. The name Christos (“Chris”) Malegkos should be avoided. His team of scammers will call you at 7 am after you apply to what appears to be a legit job posting for a phone screen. Doesn’t ask you any questions to reveal your personal info at first but will tell you they are hiring immediately and everything they are doing to open up new sites. On their LinkedIn page there are no employees working for the company and their website mentions no executives either. The people I spoke to and who were listed on the emails (legit emails too) don’t exist on LinkedIn. After googling this Christos character, he has opened up multiple fake companies and many have written about him. Don’t take the bait.

More concerning, I reported it to LinkedIn and they didn’t do anything about it. They said their team reviewed and found nothing round. Serious issue, LinkedIn. Job scammers will ruin your platform if you don’t deal with them.

The content was posted by Tinkerbells1971 on 2021-11-19 12:01:59 via reddit

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  1. Some-Astronaut-6907 says:

    These job sites are now overflowing with scams and scammers, to the point where no serious person/company will want to use them.

  2. Maggie95100 says:

    Linked In wont do anything unless it’s extremely serious. None of the other job sites will do anything either. I doubt there’s any real “team” reviewing anything, it’s likely all automated. I’ve tried, after getting hit with bait jobs, tried to report them and nothing is done because they found nothing wrong. It’s all bullshit. They want whatever money they can get from these fake job ads and dont care if real people get scammed from it.

  3. Ask them if you can meet them in person at the place of there business of they say they cant then its most likely a scam if they say sure meet us @ this day/time then do it.

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