Convenient cards is a scam.

I received a visa gift card from Convenient cards. To check the balance of most gift cards, you go to the website, type in the 16 digit code and ccv code and boom, there’s your balance. With convenient cards, they want your birthday, phone number/email and some mystery pin from the visa card packaging (because normal people TOTALLY give gift cards still in the packaging 😤). Does anyone know a way to check this balance without all the personal info, or did I get scammed?

The content was posted by random_human2454 on 2021-11-17 15:14:42 via reddit

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  1. amyaurora says:

    If I remember right, Visa gift cards have to be registered before they can be used. Which includes birthdate. Also registering includes setting up a pin. And so one can’t verfiy the funds till its done.

  2. Probably legit. The gift card companies have strange ways of registering to check balance. Laws vary by locality.

    If the card was given to you for free, be suspicious. But if it was purchased for you, or sent as some reward for something legit (e.g. your local bank gave it to you for spending so much, etc.), you’re probably good to go and looking at a real process.

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