Credit card scam and packages I didn’t order?

I’ve read stories about people receiving packages they didn’t order but usually it was large purchases like phones or computers, or from wayfair where someone fraudulently opened an account. Chase notified me of fraud on my account (3 separate []( purchases totalling around $600), they called and closed my account and went through all the transactions. turns out I missed two $200 klarna transactions wihtin a couple weeks of each other, thus signaling to the scammer that my card was a good one to use. oops.

However, I have notifications on my address for FedEx and UPS, so I can see when items are being shipped here regardless of whether I ordered it. So of course I received a shipment notification from Fedex saying a package from []( was arriving. Called them, made sure no one re-routed it based on what I heard… and it was an HDMI cord. Coincidentally enough, 20 mins after delivery a car from a neighboring state slowly circled our street, stopping and looking right at our house (my husband was in the yard, took a picture of their car, and they drove off immediately). Gave plate to cops, he then came back asking for more info so I think something’s up (when I put it into online records, it said it didn’t exist).

Anyway, we just received ANOTHER order (from a []( merchant) for… an auxiliary cord. I’m receiving all these random cheap cords, but I don’t get it? Are they testing the waters before sending more expensive items? If not then what benefit does the scammer get by shipping cheap cords, othr than causing an inconvenience for me having to call walmart and explain everything/

TL:DR credit card # stolen, scammer is shipping things to my house now (and possibly checking up on in-person)… but they’re shipping cheap cords like HDMI and auxiliary cords? Makes no sense?

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  1. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    I thought it was a !brushing scam, but you could be right. Maybe they see what time packages get delivered to your place and are scoping it out before they try to order something good.

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