crypto scam

Hey has anyone experienced a crypto scam with a fake coin called SΛMS/USDT? I have stupidly fallen victim to it and want to know if anyone has had luck recovering their funds as i lost 500 AUD. The interface is called BTCDOO.

The content was posted by Diligent-Potential30 on 2021-10-05 08:55:18 via reddit

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  1. Fluoise_Belcher says:

    Sorry but all these !crypto scams are the same. Beware of !recovery scammers now and don’t lose anymore money.

  2. joeyGibson says:

    There is no “recovering” to be done. Your money was gone the moment you sent it. Don’t believe anyone who PMs you (and they will) claiming they can get it back, or they know a company or “ethical hackers” who can get it back. They can’t.

  3. Worried-Length2818 says:

    Hello, i have invest some money in this exchange, in this pair SΛMS/USDT. After complete KYC1, i was be able to withdraw the total amount of USDT that i have put on the exchange. What is the way that you have know btcdoo?

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