Crypto Scams Make Me Boil 😡🤬

Last year, I was an absolute idiot. First mistake: smoking too much bud. After leaving my job at UPS, I was smoking like a pothead. Somehow, this guy on Wisdo solicits me and mentioned a crypto investment site that flips. Second mistake: listening to the manipulator. Third mistake: committing and wasting $1000. And that’s when 💩 hits the fan.

In the end, I lost almost $7,000 of hard earned money. And while it isn’t much in the grand scheme, it really sent me off the edge. And honestly, it still makes me want to erupt into entropy.

I’m much better off now, thanks to finally going into a decent career path (HVAC), soon to make about 10k by this years end. And it’s not to say I haven’t lost money before. I was an idiot by losing most of my money from my bar mitzvah by wasting it away like a materialistic rich Jew.

I have paid heavily to my mistake. Which is why I now have a greater fear of losing money and just consistently obsessed like so many Americans today. Really makes me ticked off 👿👿

The content was posted by ExempliGratia97 on 2021-09-25 12:24:05 via reddit

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  1. 7k is a lot in the grand theme of things. Smoking was not the issue. The issue is believing the lure for easy money coming from a stranger. None of these crypto scams should be believing when applying simple logic to it.

  2. Glad you made it out the other side. Now just be ready for the !recovery scammers to start contacting you.

  3. rest_at_apex says:

    I lost more to crypto scams than you. They still contact me for more money but don’t pay me out.

  4. coffeemir says:

    there is no easy money, especially in crypto

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