Customer info is sketchy so I refused the order. Am I too cautious?

TL:DR Retailer places an order and keeps asking for an invoice. When I try to verify his company, the information is sketchy. I cancel the order and refund the customer. Boss is upset that we “lost a sale” because I’m paranoid. Now I’m second-guessing myself.

Here’s a condensed version: Our general email received 3 messages back to back via our website “contact us” from a potential retailer who wanted to know if he ordered through our website how fast could he get an invoice (Red Flag 1) and if 2 specific items were in stock. An hour or so after Suspicious Retailer sent the emails, he called and wanted to know the same info (Red Flag 2). After getting the info, he placed an order online then immediately replied to the order confirmation email asking for his invoice (Red Flag 3).

Now I’m suspicious because this guy wants his invoice NOW and that’s all he seems to care about. Our website clearly states our shipping time of 1-2 weeks and an invoice is provided when the order ships. I put his order on hold and asked for a completed new account form and proper paperwork so we can process his order. Normally we would just ship but this time I decided to insist on getting the paperwork so I can research him.

Suspicious Retailer returns the completed New Account form which raises more questions.

* Email addresses on emails and order don’t match each other or the New Account Form.
* He doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar store, just a website.
* His website isn’t listed on Google and according to Whois was created about a month ago
* His company has no social media presence.
* He has a Ukraine address in the signature line of his email. Says it’s the billing address
* His shipping address is a freight forwarder in New York
* His company info on the New Account Form is a Wyoming address and phone number which turns out to be a “Business Solutions” company that “provides resources for businesses”. Nothing wrong with that except their service includes providing a Wyoming address with mail forwarding, Wyoming phone number, and Wyoming business license.
* Nothing mentioned about Ukraine address or New York address on his New Account Form
* His website looks pretty good but our product doesn’t fit with what he’s selling and it doesn’t come up in Google search results.

Meanwhile, Suspicious Retailer is bombarding Customer Service with emails and calls asking when he would get an invoice for his order. It’s only been 2 business days. WTF?

At this point, my boss is wondering why we are holding this guy’s order when he’s obviously desperate to receive it and we have his money (order was prepaid using Paypal). And I’m canceling this guy’s order and refunding the money paid because it appears to me that there’s something fishy about this whole thing.

Did I overreact?

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  1. Payment method was likely stolen. You are right, your boss is a dumdum. Next time this happens, make HIM sign off on it, all in his name.

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