Dating app Crypto Scam (I’m up money from it)

Hi all,

Made this account just to post on here as its where I found out about it.

Overview: Met this person on Hinge, then gets my whatsapp, talk further on whatsapp, talks about crypto as they are a daytrader, etc…

Asks me to try out this platform (the App is on the Google Play Store) which gave me confidence and use Binance to send some Tether over. I didnt have Binance so went to this “fake app” customer service and transferred the money over via bank transfer of $500. Did a couple trades where she told me the exact time to buy and profit loss. up about $150.

Next day, she says trends are very good, I use a personal crypto account (since binance needed verification) and transferred about $4k. We did a couple trades and I’m up about $1000. At this time I’m skeptical as the returns are not sustainable she shows screenshot where she made like 7k. So then she asks me tomorrow to match her principle amount of $20k or so and trade this other coin which will make more money. Obviously is BS. I’m up about 1k or so, have withdrawn all of it and is in my bank.

I’m a bit nervous now as when applying for this “fake platform” before I have sent my Drivers licence, a Bank card (which I’m going to be replacing) and a selfie of me holding up my ID. Should I be concerned about identity theft or bank account issues? I will be reporting to the police tomorrow and the bank re the card.

Glad I did a search of it online especially on reddit. Not sure what I should do now, No doubt shes gonna talk to me tomorrow and try and get the 20k haha… Any repercussions re the ID and stuff?

TL;DR : typical tinder Cryptocurrency scam, did 2 days of trading up on both sessions, have cashed out profitably. Not sure what to do now, scared my identity may be compromised.

Any help/ advise will be much appreciated.

Thank you all!

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  1. bee_administrator says:

    Yeah sometimes the scammer will allow you to withdraw small amounts, just to build trust so you’re willing to put bigger amounts in next time.

    You got lucky, be more careful next time 🙂

  2. Goflyakitescammers says:

    !crypto scam. And watch out for !recovery Those are scams too

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