Debit card scam.

I refinanced my house and today I got a debit card in the mail. It is ‘issued’ by CBW Bank at the website []( To sign in online you need an email address, one that was used in the creation of the debit card. I didn’t sign up for this debit card. They claim I have a positive balance of $6700. The card is labeled as being from “Direct” as there is a lowercase b inside the right side of a D and the word Direct as the logo (maybe it means bank direct). The customer service is only in India.

When I got the email address updated using a throwaway email address I went online to try and sign-up. It asked for some basic information such as my name and mailing address, as the card was already mailed to me I entered all that in again. Then it asked for my SSN and at that point I closed the website and came on here. I am not giving out my SSN.


The number to call is 833-263-2826. It only goes to an Indian call center, nothing in the US.

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  1. Doesn’t matter what the letter says. As long as it’s not on your credit report, it doesn’t concern you.

  2. Why don’t you ask the bank you refinanced with?

    Seems oddly suspicious that you got a debit card from overseas after refinancing a home?

  3. CopernicusHoff says:

    I was able to take out $200 at the ATM, amounts of $500, $700, and $1000 didn’t work. I tried inside the branch to move the entire $6700 but that didn’t work and was declined and they can only try one time per day as the bank’s policy. The fees are $2.50 for transaction from the card issuer, and Bank of America got $3.

    I ended up trying to solve this riddle by using Paypal because there is a $5000 daily transaction limit and sending a payment on Paypal counts as this type of transaction. There is $1494.51 remaining. I feel so lucky that people want to give me money. I will let you know after the Paypal money clears or if it doesn’t. That is going to take an entire 60 days I think.

  4. CopernicusHoff says:

    Update: the card now has a hold on it from the card issuing bank. Customer service is not the card issuing bank. They need 3 to 5 business days to deal with the hold. This is due to my $5000 transfer and my $200 atm activity.

    I am starting to think the scam is on someone else. They are possibly using my identity to defraud someone else and I am removing all the ill gotten gains.

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