did i get scammed?

Hello, this my first post here and english is not my first language so bare with me.

yesterday i sold item online and guy came to collect
he send money through his phone app to my accoun and let me take pic of transaction number and everything
i gave him item and he left even though i did not receive money
we are in the same bank buh guy said it can take some time because he have “business account”

did i get scammed?

The content was posted by Connect-Upstairs3365 on 2021-11-11 12:23:33 via reddit

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  1. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    Sounds like a !fakepayment, the bot has more info for you below

  2. We can’t tell if you were scammed, because we can’t see whatever it was that he showed you to try and convince you that he had paid money into your “account”. You can call whomever owns your account and ask them if there is any payment being processed for receipt into your account.

  3. Yes, more likely a fake payment. Basically, they send a fake transaction number(a photoshopped one). Contact your bank right away and report the transaction as fraud.

  4. cgknight1 says:

    You got scammed – the “take a screen shot” is the give away.

    It’s to make you feel safe.

    Sorry your item is gone.

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