Did i just accept an obvious scam?

So a few days ago, I was contacted by a worker from US Parcel Flow (literally said “Hi I work for the US Parcel Flow”) due to my resume on Indeed. They had a position as Order Fulfillment Clerk for me, and they will pay me $2250/month and it’s a stay at home job. My essential duties is this:

“Pull inventory for orders quickly, efficiently and accurately to meet order turnaround standards
Assist with inventory cycle counts, warehouse organization and inventory including, but not limited to: verifying merchandise counts, tracking stock levels, organizing, ringing out and using an inventory software program
Learn point-of-sale system and ring out orders as they are submitted
Package orders and organize by shipping method for daily pick up
Work closely with and assist eCommerce and marketing team to exceed customer expectations and meet department goals.
Press jerseys as needed for custom jersey orders
Maintain a highly organized, clean, safe warehouse.
Log and report any damaged or defective products that have been returned
Process returns, exchanges and special orders as needed
Due to the cyclical nature of the entertainment industry, employees may be required to work varying schedules to reflect the business needs of the company.
Upon employment, all employees are required to fully comply with Rank+Rally/Levy rules and regulations for the safe and efficient operation of company facilities.
Employees who violate these rules and regulations will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.”

I was desperate to get a job, so I accept the position. After going through all the process (doing the application, signing the documents, stuff like that), they had me log into the parcel flow website where I am to process the packages there once I get it. They gave me a call and let me know about the duties I’m supposed to do. I received this message of what I’m supposed to do:

“We are adding you to the list of active couriers. Wait for the notification.
A package will be added to you soon and we will notify you of this.
Visit your online account every day to control the packages, they can be upload to you at any moment.

Algorithm for processing parcels:

Processing Phase 1. Receiving Package.

Let us say a courier has already delivered the package to you. Thus, you should assign the “Receive” status to this package (Packages > Package # > Status > Receive).

Processing Phase 2. Package Contents Verification

After you received the package # and assigned “Receive” status to it, you will need to take and upload photos of contents:

Item – photo of the object. Without breaking the manufacturer’s packaging.
Invoice – photo of accompanying documents.
Receipt – Receipt received when sending the parcel. Confirmation of the dispatch.

Processing Phase 3. Preparing a Package for Sending.

You have received a package, and activated “Receive” status. You have taken and uploaded photos. Now you have to prepare the package for sending to the final destination:

1. Put the package contents back to the exterior box/envelope/package. Use scotch tape and pack the package.

2. The package is now ready for sending. Complete the request for getting the Outgoing Shipping Label by clicking “Request Postage Label” (Packages > Package # > Outgoing Shipping Label > Request Postage Label).
Waiting time can reach several days. Once the label is uploaded, you will get a notification.

Then, you will have to download this label by clicking “Download” (Packages > Package # > Outgoing Shipping Label > Download).
Open and print two copies of the Outgoing Shipping Label.

Pickup time 12:00pm – 6:00pm (You must be at home at this time)”.
In this case, a courier will help you with correct placing/sticking the label on the package. After that, they will accept your package and give you the receipt.

Very important information. Sending of parcels occurs only with the help of a label that is uploaded to your account. Labels that are in parcels do not need to be used.
The receipt is a confirmation of the shipment. It’s important to get it.

Processing Phase 4. Submitting Receipt Copy and “Sent” Status Activation

1. Take and upload a photo of the receipt given to you (Packages> Package # > Outgoing Shipping Label> Receipt) This is required and is a confirmation of shipment !!!

2. Activate “Sent” status for the package # (Packages> Package # > Status> Sent)”

Everything seems all good and well until I realized something.

These reshipping stay at home jobs can be scams.

I searched up US Parcel Flow and it seems like a legitimate website and they’re located in Atlanta. But still, these can be scams. And I did say that these seems to be too good to be true. I thought it’d be rare finding a stay at home job like this. But then again, if it’s too good to be true, then it’s probably not. I’ve heard of these scams where they make you ship stolen goods without your knowledge, could possibly get you in jail, and you won’t get paid for this.

Is this an actual scam or am I just being paranoid? Was I stupid enough to accept something like this? Did I make a mistake? I know this job isnt exactly for me, especially when I don’t have any experience in this and it’s my first time working like this. But I need the money and I don’t want risk getting scammed. Maybe I should start off with something small like working at a retail store.

Edit: thank you all for the links and the advice. It’s a good thing I didn’t give any personal information to them.

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  1. If they send a package to you you should contact local police immediately and tell them that you suspect that scammers are trying to use you as a middle man/mule.

    (You might want to contact a lawyer first, in case the police wants to charge you just for being part in the preparation.)

  2. Packages have already come to my house, and I sent a couple. What should I do in this case?

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