Did I just get scammed?

I was approached by a stranger who wanted a bank transfer of £10 to pay for bills since they apparently had to pay online, but they would give me cash in return. I assumed they would give me a fake bill but they only had a £20 and went into a store to split it into two £10s and handed one straight to me. So I agreed at this point and transferred the money.
The whole transaction seemed dodgy but I got a legit bill back. So was this a scam or the 1 time someone legitimately needed help?
I guess I’m more worried now about whether the stranger can somehow take more money from my account using the transfer? I would hate for the account itself to get hacked now and lose all my money.

The content was posted by OwenZHunt on 2020-11-23 03:27:30 via reddit

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  1. I suspect that if recipients of one-time transfers could simply help themselves whenever they wanted, the system would have collapsed by now. I’ll admit that it strikes me as odd, too, but with just the details you’ve given, I don’t know what their next steps would be.

    > I guess I’m more worried now about whether the stranger can somehow take more money from my account using the transfer?

    Unless you checked some sort of box that said: “Let this person have my money, that seems weird.” The only thing that comes to mind is that this person would use your account information to set up automatic payment. But if you were the person doing the transferring, and didn’t hand over any account data, I don’t see how they could have done that.

    But check with your bank on Monday. They can tell you better than Internet Strangers about the risks, and be on the lookout for suspicious transactions.

  2. You could check with your bank if you’re concerned, but they probably won’t be able to set up transactions from your account if you didn’t give them your details. Did they use your phone or send you to a dodgy website at any stage? With the information you provided however, it sounds like a legitimate transaction. Just check your balances regularly and you should be fine.

  3. It could be that they needed to top something up such as their phone and couldn’t due to many stores not accepting cash and the banks being closed most of the day.

  4. I find it odd that you would engage in this at all. You’ve potentially made yourself vulnerable both to covid and being scammed.

    Going into a shop is no guarantee you still didn’t get a fake note. The shop worker could have been in on this, or the stranger could have been skilled at slight of hand and swapped the shop note for a dodgy one.

    However, it’s a lot of hassle to go through for £10!

    Did they use your phone/device at any stage, or do anything at all suspicious?

    Most likely you’re fine, but you should be checking your bank account regularly anyway.

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