Discover merchant manager possible scam?

A shop I do work for got a call this morning from someone claiming to be a merchant manager for Discover card. They claimed that they haven’t seen a transaction come over since 2019 and they wanted to test our system to make sure it’s properly processing transactions. They wanted to have me run a $1.00 transaction with a ‘dummy card’ that they gave me which supposedly had no money on it just so they could see whether or not a failed transaction would show up on their end.

The whole thing seemed suspicious so I wound up telling them I’d call them back and I dialed up the support number on the Discover website. The person I spoke to wasn’t aware of that being a standard procedure for Discover and they looked in their directories for the phone number the potential scammer called from but couldn’t find it.

Googling the phone number doesn’t bring up any known scam listings and I’m not sure how running a $1.00 transaction could lead to any fraud so while I’m 99% sure it’s a scam I’m also thinking it’s possible that the person I spoke to as Discover just wasn’t aware of the procedure.

Consider this post 1 part me letting people know about a new (to me) scam that fooled a manager and our finance dept. and 1 part me asking if anyone else is familiar with this to reassure me that it is definitely a scam.

The phone number they called from was 888-828-2242.

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  1. Goflyakitescammers says:

    What it sounds to me like (and I could be wrong here) is someone had CC info for a discover card and they wanted to check if it was still a working number. So that $1 transaction would go through or fail. If it failed, no problem. If it went through, then whoever had the card would then order items, using the CC number.
    That is what jumps into my head on this. But again, I could be wrong.

  2. ChaoticAmoebae says:

    Call them again tomorrow and ask form merchants services and they’ll confirm this is not legit

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