DLA Projectors SCAM

Fake company being sold at crazy premium prices online on eBay and other e commerce platforms.

Beware of scammers driving by and offering all these fake products that is not worth more than $30 each. They have everything in “original” “new” packaging, saying it’s worth thousands of dollars and to give them whatever is fair. These 3 young Latino guys, 5’8 tall, will create a whole fake story about how they were trying to install this high end equipment at a house who’s owner didn’t accept the product and cannot return back to the store.

#scammers #DLAProjectors #DLA #FakeDlaBrand

The content was posted by Gojonnyboy on 2021-07-03 22:45:24 via reddit

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  1. Oh man! They still do white van scams? Thought these were extinct. Nice to see people dedicated to preserving the classics.

    I wonder if we even have !whitevan

  2. Some guy came up to my crew said his job has extra projectors, I asked which job site- no response, asked what company and he couldn’t provide me with a card, asked for cash and I entertained the offer to see what he wanted and dropped the price to 600. Looked inside looked like Chinese garbage one google search and I found this link. I laughed called him a scammer and he dashed off our site.

    Rule of thumb:

    GCs don’t buy extra material

    No Electrian has a car as clean as this dude did

    High end products don’t list resell values on the box

    If it’s too good to be true it’s a scam haha

    FUCK dla projectors fraud

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