do not let a “technician” send you to a site called Anydesk

so I have been having a problem since before Christmas where I cannot connect to the iTunes Store. tried to fix it a few hours ago by searching online for solutions. Somehow ended up calling a fake phone number for apple tech support. I thought, hey surely Apple can be trusted with this problem. The fact that I got a person on the phone so quickly should have been my first clue something was amiss. They sent me to a site called Anydesk where I had to download an app and put in a number. At first I thought this must somehow reconnect my computer with iTunes. I put in a number, clicked connect, then failed to read a list of things before pressing “agree”. and then the “technician” had remote access to my computer. I had fallen for this trick for the second time in my life. I still wasn’t fully convinced I was being scammed but when I tried to open iTunes and she showed no interest in helping with that issue, that added to my suspicion. the screen was full of Anydesk windows inside other windows. She tried to convince me this meant I had lots of viruses, which confirmed to me that this was a scam, so I hung up. Since she was in control of my computer, the only way out was to forcibly shut it down. I had learned from last time this happened to me. when I turned my computer back on, I immediately deleted the Anydesk app.

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  1. Sorry you fell for that, but kudos for figuring out the scam as soon as you did. Honestly, it’s possible to remain under their spell for a longer time. Especially if you’re the one who called instead of receiving a call from random people. Scammers really are smarter nowadays, taking over the search engine result spots of official web pages of companies and all. It’s particualrly more difficult not to get scammed since many companies try their best to not advertise their numbers online to avoid callers. I think many brands prefer online communication these days.. honestly, I would very much prefer online communication for non-emergency complaints or inquiries. Just always look out for the email address or the website itself to ensure that they are official. Or to be even more sure, contact them through their twitter or facebook account. But of course, there is no assurance as to how long you wait for assistance. But that’s pretty much the same when you’re on a call queue.

  2. Anydesk is a legitimate programme used by support technicians. Lots of companies use anydesk, TeamViewer, logmein to connect to their clients

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