Do NOT order from

I ordered from them, and my card was declined…low and behold, the wholesale cheap little tikes toys were all a scam! I got a charge fraud alert, declined it and card was locked down.

How do we get this fake scam website taken down?

The content was posted by Tubamaster21474 on 2020-08-31 20:16:36 via reddit

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  2. So I brought from this site and yes whilst not legit I received Apple air pods. Assumed they were fake but they are real…. I contacted their CS snd working through exchange or refund. Doubt there’s any chance of getting a refund but see what other random crap I can get 😭

  3. I think I remember seeing something about this site on here a few weeks ago.

    I’ve started getting VERY picky about where I buy from online.

    I stretched my ears and need to wear gauges, but I only took them to a 10. Not realizing at the time, that 10g plugs are hard to come by. I couldn’t find anything I liked in local stores, or on all the usual sites, so I had to turn to Google.

    Every site that I was **considering** buying from, I ran a whois search on them, searched Google reviews, and searched this board, to do everything I could to ensure that I wasn’t getting scammed again.

    I’m sorry you had to go through this 😢

  4. That doesn’t mean anything. Santander locked my card down for trying to top up a friend’s phone.

  5. FWIW, 20 years ago they had an outlet store at the Rubbermaid factory and it would be a reasonable assumption that they would have taken that online.

    It could be a reasonable assumption.

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