Do you know Robbert?

Robbert sells a car in a small town in Germany on a big car selling site. Or, wait, a car in Ireland?

>I am glad that you are interested about my car. Before everything , I must tell you that I am not speaking very well German, so I will prefer to talk in English with you. You can write in your language I will translate online. The Skoda Fabia is in perfect condition. It has no mechanical, aesthetic or electrical problems. There are also no board errors or anything like that. There are no hidden defects. The car is sold with 2 rows of wheels (winter / summer). The car is not the only car of the family it was used like a second car and there was not used very much. I can give you a warranty of 6 months for the engine and gearbox. I changed the oil and the brakes on front wheels and rear wheels as a bonus for the next buyer.Please let me know if you are interested for we can talk the rest of the details. I will explain you the buying process and of course if you have any questions I am here. Also if you want more photos with the car don’t hesitate and let me know.

Yes, this sounds great, doesn’t it?


>As I told you, the car is ready to be sold and it is in great condition. I am a COVID-19 doctor and right now I am working in Ireland at the Dublin Emergency Hospital in the triage section.I moved here with my entire family and of course I need to sell the car because here the taxes are very big for this car. I can guarantee you that in the next future you will invest 0 Euro in the car.I tried to sell the car here but it is worthless for the people that live in Ireland. I was advised to sell it back in Germany because the car has German papers and TUV until 17 02 2022. So I put it on Autoscout and I received a lot of offers. Of course because of the situation I will make a discount at the price. Because of the distance and all the restrictions that are changing in the future, I made a contract with a shipping company who works with  car transactions between countries on most car sales sites in Europe. This service has been adapted for Covid-19 prevention measures and restrictions around the world during this period. They call McDermott LTD. As I made a deal with them, the shipping and all the fees was paid by me. As a bonus they have a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. This means that the car is not like I told you the money will be fully refunded to you. You will pay nothing so if you want to know all the process please let me know. I will explain to you what the buying steps are.


What a great idea! So I asked him if he has some pictures of the car being in “smalltown”. Unfortunately…


>No I don’t have. I will explain to you the next steps of the process of buying this car and how everything works with McDermott LTD.- The seller shows up with the car at the McDermott service, where the car technicians there check the entire condition of the car from an aesthetic, mechanical, electrical point of view. It also checks the car for hidden defects or software or dashboard errors as well as the functionality of all car options. Only if everything is in order they accept the car.-The seller must find a buyer and after agreeing with him , he must start the shipping process of the car.-McDermott will contact the buyer , in this case you, with all the details and information you need. You will receive an invoice, a sale-purchase contract for the car, payment instructions, the rest of the documents and a tracking number with which you can check the status of the transport whenever you want. There, you see in real time ,where the car is.-The next step is for you to pay the value of the car to McDermott. After the payment is verified, the transport of the car begins.-In a few days the car will reach your address.-McDermott offers a 30 days money back guarantee. This means that you have the opportunity to go wherever you want for 30 days , with the car to check it for anything you think is needed. After these 15 days you have to decide if you keep it or not. If you keep the car, McDermott gives me the money. If you refuse the car, they will return the full amount immediately to you without any fee.In addition to the 30-day warranty offered by McDermott, you also have oil changed and new brakes, offered by me.  ALL THESE SERVICES ARE FREE FOR YOU !!!I thought it was the perfect solution for selling a car at a distance. You are safe because you are paying at a reliable company and I am safe because the car is being transported by an authorized firm and the buyer will not make fun of me by making me send the car in vain. If you agree with the terms of purchase let me know please so we can go further. I will tell you what we need to do in order to start the shipping.

He hasn’t some pictures? Ok, I thought he is a professional photographer as I saw the pictures in the offer – or maybe thay were just stock photos.

Now I’m waiting for the contract. I think our dog is at an age now that she can drive herself to the pet food store.

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  1. About ten years back one of my neighbours, Craig, was very excited that he was about to get an amazing deal on a campervan.

    He showed me the online ad: the owner had been living and working in Australia (where I am), but had now returned to Europe **taking the campervan with him**. Because it was RH drive for Australia, he wasn’t happy with it in Europe and wanted to sell it **back to someone in Australia**. The price was ridiculously low of course, in the low 1000s, **including shipping**. Craig didn’t see all the red flags in the ad. I was able to find the same photos in that ad from the genuine ad in Australia, for a much higher price of course.

    How do these people think that shipping a vehicle between countries for next to nothing will look genuine? Mind you, Craig fell for it!

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