Does any of you has Experience with Cornerveis?

So after winning a giveaway I decided to buy something off this Chinese store, since it was sponsored by a Cosplayer I was following so I thought it could be reliable enough.
Everything seemed legit and I spent 31$, the thing is that when I got the email that confirmed the shipment of my package I tried to track my package via the tracking number they gave me but after 48h it still says that the package is “not found” or hasn’t been shipped yet.
I tried to email them and contact them via phone but nothing seems to work, after some digging online I found out that the site seems sketchy cause there is no actual way to contact them via their website except for a generic mail that usually won’t reply, plus the website they use to track packages has tons of bad reviews and complains about the inefficiency so either the website is the problem and my package has been shipped or I wasted 31$ witch is not a big loss but still I’m kinda upset since they were sponsored by an Influencer I trusted.
I really need your help like, is this a scam or do I just need to be patient?

The content was posted by zMarcky on 2020-11-30 05:40:33 via reddit

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  1. I’ve been having the same problem with them I ordered from them on November 12 and spent $126 and tracking has been non existent for me and I emailed them and they basically said it was because of covid

  2. OP disappeared so I might as well answer the questions since I had a similar situation.

    First time using the site because of the giveaway code I received. Spent around 40$ just to try it out. I had similar problem with tracking my package. It just didn’t exist in the system. That made me worried but at the end I brushed it off since I went there with a thought that it indeed might be a scam. Waste of money, oh well… But the package came in after 3-4 weeks in a good condition. Everything was packed neatly and the clothes are surprisingly good quality for a Chinese crap.

    I think they’re a bit overpriced here and there but they do have pieces that you can’t find on Wish or Aliexpress. Can’t say that I wasn’t just lucky with my order. You never know. I’m about to purchase over 100$ worth of stuff. I can give an update when and if I ever receive it.

    **Edit** because I no longer can reply. I ended up spending over 200$ and it came to me with no problems! This time tracking number worked just fine I was able to see it right from the beginning. Things that came are fairly good quality. I’m displeased only with one dress that’s sown weirdly but other than that everything is good. Definitely will order more.

    Also, it’s worth following their Instagram! They do a lot of giveaways and share promo codes

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