Does anyone know a way for me to close up these holes? I don’t think I can sew i…

Does anyone know a way for me to close up these holes? I don’t think I can sew it cause it’s coming off of thick rubber :/

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  1. Massive-Emergency-42 says:

    Fabric glue is strong as hell, mostly waterproof, and (most importantly for a shoe) flexible. I’d use that and then stitch it in as close to the rubber as you can for extra support.

    To make sewing a shoe easier, don’t try to go all the way through. Instead, run the thread through the top layers horizontally if you can.

  2. Arabianeyegoggles says:

    Just spit balling, but you could probably fix it with an iron on patch.

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  4. Visible-Sort-1396 says:

    Carefully crazy glue.

  5. very-simple-guy says:

    My girlfriend once sew similar holes, but it ripped again next to the old hole :-/

  6. deeptech60 says:

    Cut your toe and that’s it

  7. Due_Draw2668 says:

    You might need to reinforce the inside with a patch as well as shoe goo.

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