Does anyone know if this is a well-known scam/has a name/documentation?

My family and I are fairly certain my brother is getting scammed but he doesn’t believe us, accuses us of being “evil” and that’s why we “never trust anybody,” as he keeps defending this woman we believe is scamming him.

She claims she can convert his house to a yoga studio and that she knows rich clients who will pay 5-10k a night to stay there, but first they need to fix the place up to look nice so the rich clients will want to stay there. So first she hired a landscaper and my brother put down $3,000 to pay the landscaper, then she claimed the “landscaper” took the $3,000 and ran with it, saying *she* got scammed. He hasn’t been paying his mortgage because he’s putting money into her project. She’s living there and putting all these ideas in his head and asking for all these things to get done to open the yoga studio, and if we try to point out things that don’t make sense he just gets defensive and insults us. Also, she is currently in the US illegally on an expired visa (not sure if that’s true, just the info I have). If she knows rich people why doesn’t she go work with them instead of attaching herself to my brother?

Is there like an article or something on this type of scam we can forward to him to hopefully at least get him to consider it could be a scam? Thanks in advance

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  1. indoor-barn-cat says:

    ‘Tis a scam as olde as tyme, dig ye golde and call it love

  2. 97Edgewood says:

    This seems to fall under the general category of business partnership scams, where one partner is using the other to cheat him out of money, all in the guise of running or starting a business together.

    Because the dynamics of these business scams are so varied, there is no article you can give him that spells out how a scam for turning a home into a yoga studio for rich people (or something similar) works. All he has to understand is that he seems to be the one who is taking all the financial risk, not his friend. She has the “idea and vision,” which costs her nothing. The “landscaper running away with the $3000” looks like her first money grab.

    If he already can’t pay his mortgage, and no one will lend him money (*and I hope they don’t*) it sounds like this scam will end as fast as he runs out of money. Which is to say soon.

    Your brother sounds so thoroughly angry and defiant that I doubt anyone can reason with him. Perhaps he’s not in an actual romance scam, but the unwillingness to listen to reason is typical of people in scammy relationships they can’t seem to see.

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