Does this clothing store website look like a scam site to you?

Hi, a friend of mine recently bought clothing from an online store and she has concerns now that it might not be legit.

The first warning was that it was unsecured site, and the second being that I could not find anything about the store online for her at all; no forum posts, no reviews, nothing.

This is the site in question: [](

Please give me your thoughts on this. If you do think it is a dodgy site, what steps should I tell her to take to remedy the situation (i.e., try ask bank to reverse/stop transfer, change passwords etc.)


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  1. In addition to the other red flags mentioned, which legitimate clothing shop would have an URL that you would expect to belong to a site called “Russell Irish Setters”?

    The site simply uses “Russeliri” as a name for the “shop”, which makes no sense.

    Those scam websites often re-register website names that were in use by someone else before, which is how such odd URLs result.

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