Does this guy seem kinda fishy at all? Should I be weary of a scam here?

Does this guy seem kinda fishy at all? Should I be weary of a scam here?

The content was posted by ThrowaRAabc123 on 2021-11-09 18:55:41 via reddit

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  1. He doesn’t need your email address to pay you using Paypal. He wants your email address to send you a fake Paypal email.

  2. Some-Astronaut-6907 says:

    Definitely a scammer. Two key signs. Shipping to some other address and paying more than asking. Avoid.

  3. Is $850 beyond your asking cost? If so, that is a sure sign it’s a scam. Other than that, it’s hard to tell. What site/where are you trying to sell your item from? Does it have its own checkout process but he wants to do it 1-on-1 instead? That would also be a likely scam.

  4. Eff him and his cousin. Total scam!

  5. JTheberge83 says:



    Block and ignore.

    If you ever have someone offer more than the item is worth for any reason, or they want it shipped to someone else, it’s a scam.

  6. never ship items. cash, in person only.

  7. Really, practically nobody will jump at the chance to pay MORE than asking price!

  8. unuselessness says:

    If it were not as scam I still wouldn’t ship it to an address that was not on the PayPal. I do sell to people on Reddit, audio and PC stuff for fairly large sums, and I always get the buyer to confirm their shipping address. The address they give me and the address on PayPal have to match or I’m not selling and shipping it to them. PayPal will not back you as a seller if you ship it to a random cousins address.

  9. Georgerobertfrancis says:

    When you sell, look for the following flags:

    Asking specifically weird lists of scripted questions to convince you, like “When did you last use this?”

    Asking questions easily answered in the item description already.

    Asking to ship to someone else like a cousin, child, or uncle.

    No negotiation on price and offering to pay significantly over asking price to ship.

    No ability to meet in person despite huge risk when someone is sending someone money without item in hand.

    Paying $$$ to ship something inexpensive and silly (not applicable here but it happens.)

    Telling *you* how to handle the transaction and ship. They give you all the instructions and you just follow them. They stay in control throughout.

    DO NOT SELL to anyone who checks any of these boxes. It doesn’t matter if you met the one legitimate person out of 10,000 scammers. It’s not worth it.

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