does this online greek jewelry store sound legit? (repost)

Hey guys, I’m reposting this becasue last time I forgot to put a link to the site in the description. I’d appreciate any help!:

Hey guys. I am interested in buying a few items on here. They claim to have their collections displayed and sold at museums such as “Louvre”.

I tried contacting them to ask some questions. So far it’s been 3 days and they have not responded to my question. The email I got from them was “we will answer as soon as possible”. It was through a contact form.

I tried contacting them through the livechat today, but everyone was busy so they said to use the contact form.

I haven’t seen any of their jewelry in the online museum shops.

Can anyone help me figure out if this is a scam website or if it is real?

this is the site [](




Update: they replied and then had a link to this site in their signature: [](

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  1. Positives: the site is large and fairly complex. It’s not a cookie-cutter scam template site. The also have a large and active Facebook page.

    Negatives: I cannot locate a physical address on their website.


    Personally I would think it looks OK.

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