Does this seem weird to anyone?

For the past few months I’d get random emails from online stores showing an order. For example, shoes. Its like someone’s checking out as a guest and using my email. My email is my first initial and my last name. My last name isn’t that common, but for the point of this let’s say it’s smith. So my email is [email protected] and I’ll get this order confirmation for shoes, or yarn and other random things but it’ll be addressed to Jennifer Smith or Jessica Smith. I think a few of them have been the same name, like this woman just has no clue what her email is.

So I just kind of ignore it. Nothing is showing up on credit cards so I write it off this woman just doesn’t know her own email address.

Then all the sudden, two months ago, I start getting bill notifications for T-Mobile. Again, some woman’s name, no charges showing up on my end.

Then last month and this month I get a notice about some web server or something trying to set up an account with my email. I get the notice twice and click their link that I’m not trying to do so.

All of this stuff has been coming from the UK, I’m in the US.

Then last week my bank calls and asks me if I’m in California because my cards been used at a Walmart. I haven’t, I’m in Ohio. So they kill the transaction and issue me a new card.

Just seems like a lot of weird stuff lately. My email is just my first initial and uncommon last name….its not like I have numbers in it to confuse someone.

Should I be concerned? Should I run a credit check? Should I try to call T-Mobile and see if they’ll help at all by contacting this person and telling them they’re using the wrong email?

Is this reminiscent of a scam on any level or just a lot of weird coincidences?

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  1. I often get fake invoice or order confirmation emails, they typically link to a phishing site or have an attached “pdf” which has malware in it, I just ignore them. That is probably most of what you are seeing as well. The credit card issue is most likely unrelated to most of the emails, unless of course in one of the emails you clicked on it and they installed malware on your machine which grabbed your cc info. You should run a malware scanner on your PC if you are not already doing do.

  2. Hmm. I’m going to try calling what I can to see. I just got one for a dentist appointment in Rhode Island. They’ll know if this person exists or not and if it’s a mistake.

    Start verifying what I can.

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