Does windows ask for my private information?

So my brother got this pop-up saying that his pc has the trojan virus (i think it’s how it’s called) and he called the number on it because they were claiming to be from microsoft. Now I am 99% sure this is a scam but he isn’t fully convinced yet, he ended up giving our adress, but the guy also asked for the bank we use the type of card (we managed to convince him not to). The guy accessed his computer for a bit through a code thing (idk how it’s called but it was not an app) and installed an “anti virus” which my brother has deleted.

So now that you have that info I have some questions:

1) it’s a scam, isn’t it?

2) what can he do something with our address?

3)can he access my brother’s computer even without my brother’s permission?

4) can my brother safely use his computer?

We’re going to the store just to make extra sure there’s nothing wrong tomorrow. So last question:

5) where can I report the number? (It was a french number if it helps, but we do not live in France, but close)

Thank you for reading and I appreciate every answer!

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  1. YachtingChristopher says:

    1) It’s absolutely a scam.
    2) Eh…
    3) Yes
    4) Define safely?

    You should reinstall windows clean immediately.

  2. 2) He is working from a call center in Delhi, India. They want your money. If they don’t get any, they’ll move on. Your address is meaningless to them.

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