Don’t be dumb and buy from Cutss like me

If you didn’t know, Cutss is an online store that sells CS:GO knifes. I never had any game merchandise in my room so I thought that this would be a pretty good start since I spent so much time in cs. They had reviews on YouTube and seemed pretty popular so I decided to buy a 30$ knife from them. That was a big mistake.

They seemed pretty nice and helped me out a little in the beginning, but they kinda gave up after the order took 2 months instead of the maximum promised 24 days. My helper told me to ask my local postal office about my order.

My last message was about asking them if I could receive the AWB so I could track my package.

After that, they have been ghosting me on all websites for the past 3-4 months, and my Emails are never answered.

From what I’ve seen, their website says “opening soon”and I still can’t figure out if their name is cutss, cuts or cutsss

You probably know this already, but please, think twice before you buy something from an online store.

The content was posted by SaltyTudor on 2020-06-17 01:22:06 via reddit

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  1. EugeneBYMCMB says:

    Link? What payment method did you use?

  2. DennisPham says:

    Oh man I ordered it on the 6th and they ghosted me too

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