DONT be fooled by mvrhelp dot CO or purifier dot CC-

yesterday I received an unwanted charge from MVR help for 49.99 thank God Wells Fargo stopped the charge but when I went to check out what it was, a page came up asking me to enter my account information so they can find my unwanted charge and possibly get me a refund. They were offering the service for a fee they claimed this was legal because I had signed up for some sort of subscription and I had given them permission to charge me and charge my whatever bank was associated with that card and if I didn’t follow through, I would breaching a contractual agreement snd I could be legally pursued. I immediately deleted my bank info from every prepaid card I have. Then I get another attempt today for the same amount from purifier dot cc. When I went to their website, the exact same thing was offered. A service to help me recover my money that I was unknowingly charged for a service I did not want. I reported my card lost/stolen/compromised. This is madness.

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  1. nicorod99 says:

    This just happened to me , any updates on what this could have pulled card info through?

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