Don’t Buy from Facebook Ads!

Don’t Buy from Facebook Ads!

The content was posted by marilynlitt on 2021-10-05 05:01:45 via reddit

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  1. greencymbeline says:

    I’ve noticed scams where they pretend to be a well known national brand, but with a small change in the name that’s hardly noticeable. Even in the photo the label on the item is different. I’ve clicked on links and the URL is wrong and is the identical site that dozens of the other scam ads have.

    The ad is full of comments praising how great the product is. Why does FB allow this?

  2. marilynlitt says:

    Let me warn you about

    I bought two metal herons from them (from an ad on Facebook) for a total of $50. That would have been quite a bargain, if they looked anything like the expensive sculptures I have priced at the garden store. Check out the photo above for what I really received.

    They work with which provides a fabricated package tracker that could not be more fake! It is a static webpage It said the package was coming from Spain!

    These scammers are all over Facebook. They are running ads with photos that look nothing like what you will be sent. I paid with PayPal, so I was able to successfully contest the charges. I got a full refund and PayPal shut them down. I only wish I knew who hosts their two websites, so I could complain!

    It was not simple getting money back from PayPal because I had to go through a period of discussion. Here is what the scammers will pull on you.

    They will say you agreed to no refund. You did not.

    Having rebuffed that, they wanted to cut a deal where I could get a partial refund. I refused and insisted on every penny I paid.

    Lastly they wanted me to return the item to China – because shipping would have cost me as much as the refund. They knew no one would do it. I countered with their shipping label which clearly shows it was dropshipped from California!

    PayPal, to their credit, read everything I sent and saw I was dealing with fraudsters.

    I will never buy anything advertised on Facebook again.

    A friend had the same problem with a pen he ordered that was nothing like the photo. He easily charged it back on his credit card.

  3. Maklarr4000 says:

    Fun fact, if you reverse image search the scam ad, you can usually find the real thing on Amazon or another online retailer, so you can actually buy the real thing. I’ve gotten lucky on a few products that way where I liked what I saw in the ad, but actually wanted to get the item the scammers ere pretending to sell. Good luck!

  4. malcster_75 says:

    I bought a Phillips ambilight conversion LEDs
    Ad looked amazing with a hdmi break out box etc
    For TVs upto 64″

    What I got was a 12″ led strip with a usb on the end of it which only lit red

    Amazing now when I look at what I know to be legit product photos just how full of scammers it is

    Especially with Halloween fast approaching

  5. LennyFackler says:

    I’m reminded of the disappointment I felt when I ordered Sea Monkeys from a comic book ad.

  6. ItalianDragn says:

    the first few times I bought off FB adds were great… Then the next few were crap and I started noticing little things and would take the time to figure out the address and then Google map it. Trying to report to FB does nothing.

    Sadly I have seen some legit adds for products I have and like but know most are just gonna think it’s another scam

  7. alphanaut says:

    Ads from Facebook often point to sketchy sites which look like they’ve been set up to sell that one product then disappear.

    Price seems too good? Don’t buy.

    No physical address listed? Don’t buy.

    No phone number? Don’t buy.

    There’s a phone number? Call it. No one answers or a different company altogether? Don’t buy.

    Reverse image search the product – it’ll often find an actual artisan who created the original product, but has nothing to do with the site. And the product the site actually sells will not come close to the quality of the original artisan work.

  8. AnArChIsTGaMeR101 says:

    Also check out pleasant green’s video from ordering items on

  9. Facebook is so full of scams, and FB is doing absolutely NOTHING about them. I would never order from FB.

  10. I ordered a desk clock DIY kit that had nixie tube style digits. I obviously didn’t expect to get a full Nixie tube clock but I at least expected a cheap version of it using LEDs or something…

    I got a wallet… A shitty plastic wallet. Luckily Paypal got me a refund after a couple of months of trying but lesson learned. Never buy anything off of Facebook ads.

  11. Ill_Maintenance8161 says:

    People knock it but I stick with Ebay to sell. CL and FB are like fleamarkets.

  12. peterjswift says:

    Ordered bourbon.

    Received fake plastic look-a-like bottles.

    Got my money back though, and now I have several fake Blanton’s bottles. I plan to use them to pour brown liquid into McDonald’s cups to offend my bourbon-loving friends.

  13. Junkmans1 says:

    I’ve never had an order from a facebook ad (other than for an established well know company) that was satisfactory. Every one has either been for cheapo merchandise or a complete scam.

    I’ve been tempted to many times for items that were priced too low to be real and then realized the prices were too low to be real.

    Only exception is Marketplace ads for used items that are pickup from local sellers where I can see the good before paying.

  14. So true! Today I saw an ad for an ebike on sale for $34.
    Instagram is also really bad for this.

  15. commonorangefox says:

    I mean, I’ve found cool companies from FB and Instagram ads, you just have to exercise caution and common sense like anywhere else on the internet. Granted, maybe a bit more so than usual.

  16. I bought something off a facebook ad for my bike, A rear light that cost £14.99, I did eventually get it 8 weeks later but it was nothing like the advert and it was cheap chinese crap..they ignored my emails, so, I just rang my bank and asked for a chargeback and I got a refund.

    I’ll never buy anything from FB ads ever again though, but what I do, do, is when something does pop up to do with cycling…I just enter the product into amazon and 99% it’s always cheaper. So they’re obviously dropshipping all these products from amazon and making their profit.. Just the other day they were advertising these winter cycling gloves.. on their website £26.99 on amazon £11 – my comment was deleted when I pointed it out.

  17. goldilocksmermaid says:

    There are these really pretty fan things. I suspected it was a scam so I googled it. Then, every other post was an ad for this thing but a different company name. Also, lots of great comments. So annoying.

  18. bel3alesblumndif says:

    You got a human hand

  19. Educational_Macaron_ says:

    Can’t you just get a refund? It’s not what you ordered.

  20. JeepDispenser says:

    Not only should you not buy anything from them, you shouldn’t put anything up for sale on Facebook Marketplace either. It’s filled with ne’er-do-wells, miscreats, and malcontents who will attempt to scam you (as we all know, here on r/scams).

  21. Th3MadCreator says:

    Unless the item is something really unique, I usually just search up the item on Amazon or eBay. Sorry to the people trying to start legit online shops, but I’m not buying from for 2x the price.

  22. scaly_friends_4me says:

    I ordered an incredible, luxurious body pillow and got what looked like stuffed yoga pants. Cc company refunded my money.

  23. undecided_name says:

    They’re using the Ali Express logo on the top of their page too!

  24. AlSweigart says:

    Same thing with Amazon. Their third-party seller marketplace has tons of too-good-to-be-at-that-price products.

  25. When-you-get-home says:

    Facebook will take scammers all day long….. but censor posters when they don’t agree with what they are saying…

  26. snowqueen1960 says:

    I learned the hard way too.

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