Don’t buy from sites run by Shoplazza

They operate out of china, claim to be a e-commerce platform. But all their online stores are scam bait and switch.

The content was posted by TheDead_Pool on 2020-10-04 12:11:43 via reddit

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  1. PeteNelson1211 says:

    Right now, at least three sites advertising on Instagram and saying they are “Powered by Shoplazza” are offering an embroidery machine for prices from $20 to $50. When you look at the features, it seems like an unbelievable deal. Yeah, it’s unbelievable all right. I looked closely at the advertising on these sites. The machine they say they are selling is a Brother PR670E 6-needle machine, which sells for around $10,000 US. (See for example: []( These sites are definitely scam sites. No one is selling $10,000 embroidery machines for 20 bucks. The sites look pretty legit, but pay attention to the “Contact Us” page. There is actually no way to contact them given, other than what is most likely a bogus (or completely ignored) email address. I think I will contact our state attorney general’s office about these scam sites.

  2. Anxious-Equal-1797 says:

    I ordered a Disney Christmas carousel from me kenyau store on shoplazza and was sent a tiny plaster Christmas tree, luckily paid by PayPal, but I so angry that these scammers are allowed to Advertise on social media sites

  3. Stylistagirl says:

    Yes I second that. I unfortunately purchased something from a site called that is hosted by Shoplazza. They sent me some weird paypal receipt even though I paid with a debit card not connected to my PayPal account. Then I received another email asking me to create a PayPal account with the email I provided. I have to try and get it sorted with my bank in the morning but most likely will never see my money or merchandise I ordered. Wish I would have done more research but they suck you in with those cheap prices.

  4. Excellent_Meat4156 says:

    Your intention is vicious by attaking web builders, shopify use oblero to do drop ship which resulted in so many fraud shit. in your case, you should contact seller and paypal instead of balming your problem on shoplazza, a web builder. you are totally mistaken. Shoplazza only promotes its web building technology, cant control who buys it and use it to build sites.

  5. Excellent_Meat4156 says:

    and besides, you are totally biased and generalize one fraud maybe to an entire nation of china. Shoplazza is not a ecommerce platform for building websites, stop disseminate fause info.

  6. Longjumping_Cress_12 says:

    this is so wrong. you blame a web site builder for whatever reason. Shopify has thousand fraud drop ship frauds each day, go blame them or vendors. use your brain and think. Stop being raciste and xenophobie, just because its a chinese high tech.

  7. JMJONES11 says:


  8. Kaplow1989 says:

    I was just scammed. Ok, yes maybe shopalazza is “just a website domain company” however, look how many people have been scammed:



    And now, I’m unfortunately added to this list.


    You buy something, they send you a receipt. Then you’ll get an email which says “your order has been shipped”….


    They then send you a fake tracking # and the website which you made the purchase has been taken down.


    I already reported it to FBI CyberCrime Unit, but nothing will probably happen….

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