Dont go to SUCCESS POINT COIMBATOR AND NAMAKKAL. They scam students and ruin lives.

This is a throwaway account.

One of my old friend runs an educational consultancy in Namakkal. Named SUCCESS POINT COIMBATORE AND NAMAKKAL. However, everyone knows that it is a big scam place where they pretend to send you to a good university abroad but the actual university is shit. They also give you ineligible visas so that soon your visa will expire(They will tell it is a extendable visa when in reality it is not). So you will be stranded in a foreign country visaless and jobless. However the consultancy gets a good bribe from the university.

Now when I looked up his consultancy online one month back, it was full of 1 star and 2 star reviews. But now when I saw it today it was full of 5 star reviews so much that it became a 4.9 star overall. All the reviews look heavily fabricated and most of it was done in just 10 days. (Nearly 200 reviews of 5 star only). He runs 2 educational consultancies each in different cities. What puzzled me the most was that both the consultancies had the exact same reviews by the exact same people.

Is there any way to report this malpractice on Google?? Any sane person who knows him will know that it is clearly fabricated. Is there any other kind of way to stop this???

Now when I just search for top education consultancies in Namakkal, that name pops up first in Google reviews. What can I do???

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