Don’t Trust This

Don’t Trust This

The content was posted by LinaBina25 on 2021-10-10 21:22:35 via reddit

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  1. Fadedgemstone says:

    Well, I’m convinced, sounds legit! I have 700 in Monopoly money! Or, if he wants something digital I have 700 in Final Fantasy 14 currency.

  2. blahblahbloodyhell says:

    It really doesn’t make sense on these types of scams but people still participate then are shocked they didn’t get the funds they were promised. On top of that, they’re out whatever funds they initially sent. It boggles my brain how these make sense to some people?

    Edit: corrected spelling

  3. Goflyakitescammers says:

    Am an honest God fearing person. Trust me! (Yup as far as I can throw a cow, because you are feeding a line of cow manure!)

  4. amyaurora says:

    This user has spammed a few different subreddits, including this one, wanting the money.

  5. This the !advancefee scam. One of the dumbest ones in the book.

    Edit: fixed a typo

  6. Disabling messages helps. But that person sounds looney

  7. The only part of this that wasn’t a lie, was the “I REALLY NEED IT” part. 😂

  8. FloofBagel says:

    Aye this mf can speak good English lmao I’ve never met a scammer who can speak good English

  9. Panical382 says:

    Am I missing context? It just starts with “You can’t be serious right now”

  10. Idk what you talkin about, he said hes not scammer himself. I dont know how much more of a proof you need.

  11. Johnnyoneshot says:

    Anyone take a minute to look at QP21_ post history? Trying to get a PPP loan. Selling PS5’s shipping only, and AND! trying to get peoples unused facebook accounts. Holy cow.

  12. UnusualPete says:

    Whenever I get suspicious message requests on Reddit, I immediately block them. I don’t even reply.

  13. jake_n_bayke says:

    Gotta send a dick pic when he asks for that screenshot though.

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