Ebay Scam. Furious ebay is siding with scammer. What can I do?

Right before new iphone release. I listed and sold my old iphone 11 on ebay international.

I’m a seller of 15 years and this has never happened to me.

Buyer claims “help! I did not received iphone 11 pro max, instead I received an iphone 5! I want a refund!”

SCAM. Impossible for a package with my name on it to be intercepted and replaced with a much lesser value phone.

I let resolution mediation kick in, and did not allow for a return request. For what purpose? He’s just going to return the iphone 5 he claims he received.

Ebay ruled in buyer favor. I’ve been calling ebay reps incessantly everyday. Each day I have to explain all over the scam. Finally filed for an appeal. I got back an email saying “we are sorry but we are keeping our original decision”. WHAT?! Why? What makes me more angry than the lost $700 is that ebay is enabling the fraud to go on. What can I do now?

The content was posted by HumanChess111 on 2021-11-09 02:25:06 via reddit

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  1. Aunty_Fascist says:

    Beware of !recovery scammers, they’ll be messaging you now you’ve posted here.

  2. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    One of the dangers of buying/selling online unfortunately. If eBay won’t side with you, there’s nothing else you can really do, other than keep trying with them.

  3. AsigotFinn says:

    Apart from suing them in small claims court which is cheap and easy, do they live in the same state or close to it? Assuming you live in the US that is, if not then the local equivalent.

    It will get you your money back and you don’t need a lawyer, likely just having him served with the claim will make him pay up

  4. music_man1959 says:

    And this is why I won’t sell anything on Ebay.

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