eBay scam or not?

eBay scam or not?

The content was posted by CIDRSON on 2021-10-03 22:39:36 via reddit

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  1. Gold_Addition_5532 says:

    “Kindly” plus wanting to buy off platform is a massive red flag

  2. whoifnotme1969 says:

    Scam. Real buyers want free shipping

  3. prpl-mnky-dshwshr says:

    Who writes ‘Essex (UK)’? Person is not from that area as they would certainly never write like that.

  4. wanderingbilby says:

    Large overpayment offer, wanting to move off platform, sense of urgency… Big red flags.

    I usually reply with “oh hey I’m actually going to be in [Essex] tomorrow I’ll drop it off in person and you can pay cash.”

    Report it to eBay as well… They don’t care but maybe it will trip some automated thing to review the account anyway.

  5. BryanDuboisGilbert says:

    yes. new seller account?

  6. IThankTheBusDriver says:

    Also who calls it an item? It’s lazy copy/paste

  7. meandwatersheep says:

    Never buy off platform

  8. Stay. On. Platform.

    Never ever ever communicate, or ship, or pay (accept pay) OUTSIDE ebay.

    You loose _ all_ ebay protection. Do not give your phone # or email. Ignore requests to go outside ebay like the one you got.

    This is a scam for reasons already explained. Overpayment, ship fast, communicate via email. You’d get a fake paypal email that the money is held until you provide a shipping/tracking #.

  9. bltburglar says:

    Second I saw “kindly” I knew. Nobody is going to use that in conjunction with regards ever.

  10. Blatantly-Biased says:

    I’m in the UK mate and I could buy one in a second hand shop cheaper than 200 lol

  11. hacking_ipod says:

    Well, if he’s trying to get rid of it. He might sell it for super cheap i’ve seen a couple of PS4’s for that cheap

    Be careful!

  12. Kindly 😂😂😂😂

  13. RedDragon777 says:

    If you have to ask…

  14. DuckApprehensive9599 says:

    You could probably get it used at GameStop for the same

  15. alfsdungeons says:

    Why would someone counter offer higher than the ask price? The language is too formal and no one ever assumes postage, defs scam.

  16. Is the price too good to be true? There’s your answer.

  17. blahblahbloodyhell says:

    Check scam. They’ll want your phone # next. Block em.

  18. 100% scam. Never sell anything outside of eBay via eBay messaging if you originally listed it on eBay.

  19. Why would anyone offer to pay full price for a used PlayStation?

  20. RealSkyr0 says:

    Scam since you’re paying him directly you wont have buyer protection. If you buy it through ebay and they handle the payment, you will be covered by buyer protection.

  21. Living-Reference5329 says:

    Obv scam

  22. TouchingHair says:

    Never sell outside of eBay’s protections. They are there for a reason.

    Anyone trying to take you offsite is scamming you. No exceptions.

  23. Tots2Hots says:

    “Kindly” and doing the transaction off platform=100% scam.

  24. Fluoise_Belcher says:

    !advance payment !ebay scam

  25. Offering you way above price, using the word kindly as well as using Essex (UK). I live in Essex and I have never said to someone else who clearly lives in the UK that I am from Essex UK… Huge red flags…

    Plus it wreaks of general fake check scam.

  26. shadowkingOwOX says:

    If it seems to good to be true it probably is

  27. InertialEclipse says:

    Think, would you offer £130 more to buy something on Facebook? No. No one would offer more, that makes no sense.

    People often lowball you though, that’s pretty normal

  28. nudistinclothes says:

    Lol. Yes. Scam, scam, scam, scammity scam

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