Email scam. Story in comments

Email scam. Story in comments

The content was posted by Earlspooperscooper on 2021-11-18 18:43:54 via reddit

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  1. 97Edgewood says:

    >…cancel this as a mark of respect for my wife

    Huh. That’s…odd… wording.


    >Oh and, I DID NOT cash the check.

    Excellent. it’s great that you are fully aware of how these scammers work. It’s so satisfying to hear instances of scammers being thwarted. Does my heart good.

  2. Earlspooperscooper says:

    I’m so sick of scammers! Unfortunately/fortunately I have received so many, I recognize them immediately. Long story short, they place a HUGE order online and pay upfront via credit card or cashiers check. They want you to deposit check immediately so “you know we are serious”. Then they ask for part of the money back. You send it back. Then a few days later you find out the account or credit card is fraudulent. You are debited the ENTIRE transaction amount from your account and the scammers keep what you sent them. I have been told from multiple authorities that there is nothing they can do. So every time I get one, I string them on as long as I can just to waste their time and get their hopes up. Sure enough… I received the “reason why you need to send me some money back” email this morning.

    Oh and, I DID NOT cash the check.

  3. RailRuler says:

    Since the check is not drawn on an account they control, they have no way of knowing if it was cashed or not

  4. “No refunds. Sorry!”

    You are cold blooded. But… I like it.

  5. Kindly. Enough said.

  6. _somnambule_ says:

    Much inconveniency from Donald Edwards

  7. Scams are such and inconveniency.

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