Epigeneres Biotech Private Limited

So about two weeks ago I got this email and the guy who sent it claimed they work for Epigeneres company and he saw my resume on Careerbuilder and wants to hire me as their data entry person for $35 an hour and I was desperate so I said okay but I was still skeptical so didn’t give them my SSN or any bank account info. they sent me a check a few days later and I deposited it but my bank put it on hold for suspicious activity that’s when my concern started growing so I started doing more research and found out this is a legit company based in Mumbai, India but no reports on scams from them and they’re legit but the guy might’ve been using them to scam me but not too sure.

The check was rejected by my bank thankfully and they said since I didn’t give them any personal information I’m fine but I’m still worried.

Can Reddit peeps give me more advice for job hunting in the future? also, what are your opinions on this whole thing?



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  1. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    …the success of our (company) lol they forgot to change that part of the scam template. Yes, it’s a !job scam.

  2. et842rhhs says:

    No legit company just contacts you out of the blue and tells you to start reporting for work. Good luck with your job search. Sorry you have to deal with scammers along the way.

  3. spiciestmemelord69 says:

    Hmm… seems like a !fakecheck scam

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