European Sympathy Scam

I won a raffle for a game that I joined for someone else. I didn’t care much about the game, but this person seemed to make legit points about Steam having shitty ways to pay in Europe. I asked around an one other person vouched for him and a staff member said they saw them somewhat in general chats, so I believed that they were an active member. I tried to get more info from them that they wouldn’t think of faking so I asked for their league account. The email they provided seems to be fake and another name pops up when you type it in. It’d be useless to ask for pics or names or anything since it can be faked on the spot. I don’t care about the game or the money at all, it’s just that he took advantage of someone’s kindness and completely disregarded the group he was active in which is weird.

P.S. The CD Key was taken before he asked for instructions about how to use Steam which seemed fishy already. Also Idk about G2A working since I’ve heard about fishy things going on with the site like Cd Keys that didn’t work at all once they were purchased and a new indie game probably would be a good target and I didn’t want him to be victim to that. Also idk if it even works in his country.


Btw idk how to collate images

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