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  1. WizardlyWay says:

    Shrinkflation! There’s a whole sub full of these. Maddening 🙁

  2. surfaholic15 says:

    Yep, shrinkflation. There is also stealth inflation where package size stays the same, contents are less.

    Tuna used to be 6 ounces, 5 ounces or over drained. Same size can is now 5 ounces, 4 ounces drained quite often. I ran into one off brand that drained to under 4 ounces…

    This is why I track unit price per ounce.

  3. Hover4effect says:

    Kind of like the decrease in ice cream containers over the years. “Half gallons” of ice cream used to be actually 64 oz. I think they’re 48oz now, some people still refer to them as half gallons.

    I remember when the major brands first switched and both sizes were on the shelf at the same time, at the same retail.

    Now they’ve gone even cheaper, by using the cheapest ingredients they can find, so many ice creams are now “frozen dairy dessert” as they don’t meet the cream % requirements anymore.

  4. lamedic22 says:

    From my grocery store days, we used the term “Packaging to price”. That was 50+ years ago. A rose by any other name is still less stuff for your money.

  5. clumsyStairway says:

    Why your dog so sad

  6. Family size is now regular size apparently.

    Seems like this year “shrinkflation” is worse than ever. Feel like I’m spending an extra 10-20% every grocery trip and I’m not buying anything any different.

  7. itsworththewhile says:

    Ya dog’s face made this 10x better. This is peak meme. Well done.

  8. chrome_devil says:

    Have you noticed how few potato chips are in the “individual”-sized bags at places like Subway? I joke that in 50 years, there will just be a single chip in one of those bags.

  9. 3141592653yum says:

    I grabbed what looked slightly larger than a single serving of jerky the other day. Got home and it said family sized.

    I think “family sized” is unregulated, and therefore can be put on anything with more than one serving.

  10. MozzarellaFitzgerald says:

    Even the exclamation mark disappeared.

  11. BitcoinCitadel says:

    They’ve been doing that for a decade

  12. empathetical says:

    Long time ago I noticed the Cereal Bars I really liked shrunk in size… then I noticed everything else was too while prices increased.

  13. itzTHATgai says:

    Not in front of doggo. You’re scaring him.

  14. It says family size. It’s just reflective of shrinking modern families.

  15. swampfish says:

    I like to hike and bring a couple full size snickers bars. They have shrunk so much that a full size one isn’t enough but two are too big. It’s a mild annoyance but common snickers. I’ll pay more, just make them big again.

  16. Prize_Bass_5061 says:

    The bunch cilantro, CILANTRO, is 1/4 the size it was in 2020. Collard greens, $1.15 a bunch. They used to be $0.60 in 2020. That’s 92% increase in price.

  17. spriest14 says:

    Well they dropped the exclamation mark to show the disappointment that is the new “family” size…!

  18. movetoseattle says:

    Nothing to get excited about! Ha! (the smaller – 14 oz. – box is “Family Size” but with no exclamation mark. The larger 16 oz. box is “Family Size!”

  19. Ill_Web995 says:

    The sad thing is Nabisco could still reduce the new box in size by another 30% with the same same amount of wheat thins and it still wouldn’t be half full.

  20. Family inflation is no joke. Used to be able to get away with a few spoonfuls of mashed carrots now you can’t even buy enough boxes of lucky charms.

  21. HotCocoaYoga says:

    C-can…can the dog please have a wheat thin🥺?

  22. The_BagramExperience says:

    Clearly, this has the dog concerned.

  23. corruptboomerang says:

    That’s not inflation, that’s shrinkage.

  24. Puzzleheaded452 says:


  25. speedstix says:

    Yep, this isn’t new. You either pay more for the same size or pay the same for less.

  26. LucidWildflower says:

    I’ve been noticing this throughout the years. My husband and I shop at Aldi so I participated in some groups. We were always quick to point out shrinkflation. I suppose it’s getting worse.

  27. Saw it in ’08 as well after gas quadrupled in price

  28. I mean, in their defense, actual family size is smaller than it used to be, because no one can afford to have as many kids, lol.

  29. jolly_joltik says:

    Your dog ❤️

  30. TheyCallHerBlossom says:

    Very good dog, though.

  31. Dot_Classic says:

    Dog looks like he’s thinking “i am family too, right?”

  32. dinunz1393 says:

    Should remove the family size sign 😕

  33. cultured_banana_slug says:

    I remember when they did this with Cadbury Easter Eggs. The company was like “naaah we didn’t do that!” and some guy was like, “I save eggs from previous years. You totally did it.”

  34. Or0b0ur0s says:

    A fun way to say that your grocery bill is now 12% higher, but we’re still going to rate inflation at about 1.5% this year, maaaaybe 2% if you’re lucky… and you still won’t get that much of a raise, if you get one at all.

  35. d4rk_matt3r says:

    Damn they went from Wheat Thiccs to Wheat Thins

  36. Lifeofpiiiii says:

    Dog face is enough for me.

  37. LochNessMansterLives says:

    2oz less for (I can only assume) the same price.

  38. trippinallovermyself says:

    Well the birth rate when down this year, maybe they accounted for that? /s

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