Facebook dating crypto reveals

Hi, i am looking at a fb date site, And as always, all asians write You who are crypto market analysts. I already filtered the ones who’s
Tell You About HIPC, or
Facebook diem (facebookdiem.VIP)

Now there is someone who wants You to use binance (which is Legit)
And site kubite.xyz, does anyone have previous experience?

Also heard About Amazon merchant helper called
Where she gave me account to try..

Feel free to share your opinions..

The content was posted by SanoShaker on 2021-10-11 15:13:26 via reddit

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  1. bee_administrator says:

    To be honest, if you get talking with someone on a dating platform and they try and rope you into investing in crypto with them that should be a massive red flag in itself. Unless this a normal courtship ritual the youth of today have come up with that I’m unaware of?

    Like, “Hi, how are you, buy you a drink? Oh you want me to put my life savings into a crypto scheme with you? Sounds great!”

    Not sure how that would ever be legit under any circumstances…

  2. Why are you talking with these scammers. You KNOW that ALL of these people trying to help you “invest” are scammers, yet you persist. WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?

  3. Goflyakitescammers says:

    All dating sites are a scammers paradise. While there may be real people on them…it’s been years since I actually found one. (Said as a scam baiter that trolls dating sites for romance scammers).

  4. How about a rule – anyone you’re “dating” starts offering financial advice, you run.

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