Facebook Marketplace Scam

So on Nov 4th, I bought a PS5 from this guy on Marketplace for $500 (I’m very desperate). Before I paid, I asked when it would be delivered and he said by the 9th. So I paid (through marketplace) and I see that he put in a tracking number that says the package was delivered on NOV 1st in Flordia. A. I don’t live in Flordia B. It’s impossible to order something on NOV 4 and have it delivered on NOV 1. So I tell the guy about it and he says he’ll change it but he never does. So I wait till Nov 9th and see that the PS5 is still not delivered, I text him and get no response. So I open a claim with Facebook and these guys tell me that they can’t do anything and that my package was delivered on Nov 1 (which is impossible) and that I cant open another claim on this item. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard and I can’t believe that a multi-billion dollar company just allows these scams.

The content was posted by jerry17381 on 2021-11-10 20:38:13 via reddit

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  1. It’s a common scam. Mail a letter with tracking to some random place and lazy Facebook Help Desk people will just look at the file, see the tracking details, and side with the scammer. Your best bet is going through your bank and disputing the charges.

  2. Wow you thought you could score a $900 pd5 for $500. Before blaming FB blame yourself for not thinking with logic. Why would anyone sell you a ps5 for less than it cost them ?

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