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Hello folks,

I’ve been seeing a lot of these listings from new/no interaction facebook marketplace storefronts. Here’s what I’m confused about. They’re under Facebook purchaser protection so buyers are refunded if they never receive the item or it’s received not as expected.

1. There was one listing that was $20 for $200 speakers. I figured why not, and hit purchase. As expected, they never sent the item so I got the $20 refund.
2. There’s another listing for a similar camera that $650. It also had purchase protection so I thought why not and hit purchase. To my surprise, I got a shipping notification and track number showing arrival on Friday.

What am I missing here?


The content was posted by OrdinaryParkBench on 2021-10-04 23:27:44 via reddit

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  1. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    This is the problem with buyer protection; as long as the seller can prove they shipped it to your AREA (I.e. same postal code, could be a different address though), they win the case. So, they ship it to a random address nearby, then pick it up when they receive notification that it was delivered.

  2. The $650 camera will need a lens which run in the hundreds of dollars.

  3. amyaurora says:

    There is always the remote chance something cheap is only cheap because the seller just wants to get rid of the item. That doesn’t happen often enough to unweigh the scams so its always a risk of “scam or not” when buying online.

  4. VegasOldPerv says:

    >$20 for $200 speakers
    > camera that $650.

    They don’t care about refunding the $20. Realistically, probably half of the buyers forget they even spent that $20 and it’s just easy money. It’s the big ticket items that they’ll show as shipped using a method outlined by the other commenters. Or they’ll try and take the buyer off of the marketplace ecosystem and get them to buy with Zelle, cashapp, or PayPal FnF for a discount.

  5. Hand-E-Grip says:

    You file a claim and get your money back, but a non-trivial number of people won’t. There are enough people who’ll place the order and then either forget about it or decide the amount of money lost isn’t worth filing a claim over.

    The ones I can’t believe people fall for are the ones offering products for almost nothing, but with hugely inflated shipping costs. So they send you a cheap piece of junk and then when you complain you’ll get your $1 back, but not the shipping cost.

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