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I want to warn everyone who will ever be potentially attending a bar crawl in the future. There is a facebook organization called Crawl With Us that supposedly organizes bar crawls all around the US. They sell tickets that increase in price as the event draws near. They claim that the tickets get you into all the bars listed without cover (free entry), 2 free drinks, drink specials, and they claim that you MUST purchase a ticket in order to participate in the crawl. I am here to tell you, this is incorrect information. I recently attended one of their Halloween bar crawls with my friends, and all the bars claimed that they were not contacted about participating in the crawl, there were no drink specials, and they were not accepting our tickets as a means to enter. Crawl With Us even deletes and blocks (blocks certain people from commenting) people who comment their bad experiences. On one of their recent posts I witnessed nearly 50 comments be deleted – the theme of these comments was people from cities all over stating that what Crawl With Us advertised was false. All of these people experienced bars not accepting tickets and no drink specials because CRAWL WITH US IS A SCAM. if you ever want to attend a bar crawl “hosted” by Crawl With Us, I’d recommend attending without purchasing a ticket as tickets are not necessary. Just trying to get the word about because it makes me cringe thinking about how many people have been scammed by them and how many people will continue to be scammed by them. ATTEND THE CRAWL, NO NEED TO PURCHASE TICKETS.

The content was posted by HenloNugget on 2021-11-11 19:15:53 via reddit

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  1. snack0verflow says:

    This is really why Facebook is a scam. There are no reprocussions for fraud, and the tools for the fraudster to silence anyone who speaks up about the scam are not there accidentally.

  2. its_yer_dad says:

    This isn’t the first time I’ve heard that people should look closely at Crawl with Us before giving them money.

  3. ZenDendou says:

    That why you stay local. There are a few places that often does it and keep its local. There was one, and they’ve verified everyone is of ages, then you travel in a group.

  4. 97Edgewood says:

    “Bar Crawl Unlimited” is another scammy one I’ve heard of.

    I have a feeling a fair number of scammers have stolen a lot of money running phony bar crawls.

  5. HerbertBohn says:

    ‘crawl’? literally?

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