Fake facebook profile made using picture never posted on social media

My friend was alerted of a fake facebook profile using her picture as profile pic. She has NO social media and the picture was as recent as a couple months ago. She has never sent anyone that picture, how could this happen?

The content was posted by Maleficent_Impact730 on 2021-11-18 15:54:51 via reddit

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  1. scallopedtatoes says:

    I think the most obvious explanation would be that she did send it to someone and forgot, or someone got a hold of her phone and took the picture off of it. Probably someone she knows is behind this.

  2. Negative_Purple_3660 says:

    Someone could be logged into her email account and is using either her Google photos or her Apple photo library

  3. You can also assume that it has gotten from an uploaded photo of a friend who HAS social media, isn’t it? For example, a groupie where the photo was cropped. Otherwise, I had to agree they might have been able to get into your Google photos or any photo library your photos could have been saved.

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